Thursday, October 29, 2009

good news!

i have some great news! however i cannot tell you what it is just yet but it's good... you will find out in a month or so; i know it's long but be patient...i have to be!

i made another (see here) pumpkin cake yesterday for my husbands employees (aren't they lucky?!) i also send them cupcakes when i make some since i cannot in good conscience have that many cupcakes in the house.

i need to find a way to put all my cake pictures in one place on my blog for easy access. anybody have any ideas how i could go about it?

thanks for stopping by,



JJ Sobey said...

that is just cruel.

Juliana said...

Hey girl! I love that pumpkin cake! That is just absolutely amazing!!! What about just adding another blog and link it to your main one or use some sort of slide or flikr or photobucket ap!
I am totally excited about meeting up with you and Mel! It is going to be a blast!

Claude said...

Love you, you awesomeness! :)

Nathalie (tchoubi) said...

Cool! Nouveau look en préparation!
Dis moi la carte est super jolie... on pourrait peut-être la prendre comme modèle au p'tit party du 6? Pourrais-tu nous prêter l'étampe pour l'occasion?

J'aurai du papier motif, des rubans, quelques étampes, des cartes vierges et je ferai aussi deux modèles de cartes!

Reste à savoir on va repartir avec combien de cartes complétées? ahaha!