Friday, October 16, 2009

5th birthday party

so we celebrated Brady's 5th birthday last saturday, it was a long week-end here in Canada and my sister was passing through from Saskatoon. she had turned 30 on the thursday before her arrival so it was only fair that i make her a cake too! Brady had chosen a Halloween birthday theme so it was a pretty easy b-day to plan; no food just candies and chips. i know not really healthy but it's halloween :)

so here's the main cake. there was supposed to be a haunted house on top but it broke so i put a nice candle and some swirls on the top layer. This was my second attempt at fondant and it turned out great, the first one was my sister's cake and the fondant cracked and bubbled but i know what i did wrong. The bottom layer was an orange cake with a fudge filling and the top layer was chocolate cake with a fudge filling. both were really yummy!

i had also made some cupcakes for my trick or treaters that are made with the halloween cupcake stamps from Taylored Expressions.

we also had the visit of two ghouls

so this one is my sister's 30th birthday cake. it's a butter pecan cake (betty crocker mix) with a dulce de leche filling with roasted pecans. oh yeah it was really yummy!!! as you can see the fondant kind of started to bubble and "melt". two reasons for that: 1- i didn't remove all the air bubbles and 2-i closed it up in a box and it created humidity or something like that.

i hope you enjoyed this post; i know we enjoyed the cake - goodies- and the party!


Claude said...

OMG, you made fondant?! Awesome!
bRADY'S CAKE IS STUNNING, AND i LOVE ALL THE hALLOWEEn (crap, sorry about the caps...) stuff a little everywhere!
Your ister's cake is also very nice, too bad it bubbled. It must've been yummy!

Lulu said...

Wow girl!!! You are super talented, what a lucky kid!! :)