Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mixer 11

Mixer 11 is up at MIU!  i had a lot of fun with this one.  We had to create a layout with picture of inanimate objects only AND the title had to be a phrase of 6 words or more.  ok to put you in the context my phrase is actually the first lyrics of the theme song from the Hotwheels Acceleracers movies; so you it sounds better if you sing it!  i knew right away this would be about the boys obsession with Hotwheels!  Day created a really great sketch too!  well she always does :)

Yesterday Claude, Michelle and Steph came over to crop, we had so much fun (sometimes i wish i had more space so i could invite more than 3 people) Unfortunately the kids were not as cooperative as usual.  Usually Charlie would have a good nap and Brady would be in the basement watching a movie so i have a few hours in the afternoon and then after they go to bed but yesterday was hell!  Charlie napped maybe 30 min and then he kept going up and down the stairs and usually i don't stress but lately he's been wanting to go up and down standing up instead of crawling backwards.  so that stresses me a little bit.  Usually at my crops i can manage to make 1.5 to 2 layouts and sometimes a card.  This time i got 1 layout done; that's it.  Although it is one if not MY favorite layout ever!  it took me longer i think because i did a lot of stuff by hand.  Oh i'd show it to you but it's for Mixer 13 so no can do!  you'll have to wait like everybody else (well except the girls that were here of course! )  
You are probably asking yourself where is my dh in all this?  well he left for a business trip yesterday afternoon so he was busy packing and running last minute errands.  

so because he's not home for a few days i am leaving my scrap stuff on the table so that i can work on a few more things! yay! 

thanks for stopping by!


JJ Sobey said...

Oh yeah - I know that music... Liam has ALL 4 DVD's! (we lucked out when they were on sale)

Claude said...

Thanks again for Saturday, I had fun!

I'm glad you decided to leave your SB stuff out so you can scrap!