Sunday, February 22, 2009

MIU mixer #7 and latest news

this week's challenge on Mix it up was a recipe we had to follow.

5 patterned papers
a phrase as a title
1 die-cut
1 handmade embellishment
multiple photos

in other news, my dad is still at the hospital. in my January 15th post i said he was doing good, was going for walks and had started eating. Well... on the 19th my dad called me around 1pm to tell me they had to do en emergency operation because his bowels had perforated and were leaking inside his stomach. i spent the rest of the day at the hospital. since then they've had problems with his wound it's not healing as good as the doctors hoped for. What they did is they closed the inside but left the outside layers open. i saw the wound last w-e when the nurse was changing the bandages and let me tell you it's not pretty. the incision starts at about 1.5 inch above the belly button all the way down to the pubic bone. on top the wound is opened about 1.5 inches and it's almost 4 inches on the bottom. however on wednesday of this week the wound specialists said that they could see a progress in the skin healing. so that's good. He does still have a leak in his bowels but since he's not eating food (he's been on I.V. since the 19th and will be until the leak heals itself) they want to avoid another surgery and are hoping the hole will heal itself. they are taking that problem day by day. so now the docs are saying he'll be in the hospital for another 2 months in the least. In the worst case scenario it could be anywhere from 6 months to a year, but lets hope not. In the meantime i've been running around trying to get his paperwork in order (he could...should have done it before going in for the first surgery!) so the he can get unemployment. i'm having to take care of paying his bills and if he can't get unemployment i will soon have to use money out of my own account and i would like to avoid that if i can.
My dad is starting to do better, he is going for daily walks. it's mostly his mental state. he has good days and bad days. I went to the hospital yesterday and he was having a good day. he was sitting in his chair out of bed for most of the morning and afternoon. i had gotten his TV for his birthday week-end (last week) and his sister-in-law gave me some money to continue the service for a month. i thinkg that helps pass the time.

Other than all that business with my dad, things have been pretty good. i started taking parenting classes and i'm really hoping that they will help with Brady's issues.

i'll be back soon to post some pics!
check out my 365 blog, i've uploaded some pictures


Mélanie Blackburn said...

You know I'm thinking about you and your dad. Thanks for the update. Hopefully he will have more better days. It's a good thing he has the tv for another month, I'm sure that will help his mood.

Your lo is gorgeous, so glad that you are on MIU!!!

Take care and have a good week!

Claude said...

I never realized how much you look like your dad! I sure hope he gets better soon.

Nathalie (tchoubi) said...

Ayyayaye. Difficiles moments à passer. Courage, je t'envoi des ondes positives.
A propos, parle moi donc de ton cours parental? Ton fils est-il dans son terrrrrible 4 toi aussi ;-)