Saturday, August 25, 2007

new weekly challenge

I got the MM newsletter last week and checked out this weekly challenge that was started by 2007 MMMaster Crystal Jeffrey and i decided to join in. Here was the challenge: Ok for the background of your page I want you to use part of a magazine. Any part! Paste it on in any manner you choose. You can just cut a square from it, you can tear and layer it - just play around.

Next I want you to find an interesting object and make it into a stamp. Now don't play it safe - find something you would never normally use. Could be the bottom of a tic tac container, a piece of crumpled paper, a stick - just look at the world around you and see what you can find. You want to start training yourself to look at your surroundings in new ways. You might be surprised what you find. Stamp on your page using ink, paint, dirt...anything you want!

Last thing I want you to add is a word that sums up what this journal is all about for you today. This may change over time but think about what it means to you today. Add it to you page. If you feel you want to add more words you can or leave it as it.

Add anything else you want to your page so that you feel it is complete. It is your page that you are making just for you. There will be no one to judge it or tell you that you did it wrong. If it doesn't turn out the way you expected then that is ok. As you play around more you will relax and you pages will start to turn out as you want. Funny, but relaxing your creative rules sometimes take practice!

So here is what i made.

so i wanted just writting in the backround so i tore up some pieces of a magazine article. Then i wanted to have coffee stains on it, so i used my Starbucks coffee cup that i drank that day and some leftover coffee, unfortunately it faded a lot when it dried so we can't see it very much but hey it was a first try and i decided to leave it as is. That's what these exercise are all about right, trying new techniques.


Crystal Jeffrey Rieger said...

I love that you used coffee!!! LOL I never know how safe people are going to play it and I love that you took the risk!!!

I love the word you used. They have great meaning for this type of book.

Keep playing along and linking me up!


Claude said...

Oh, how very cool!

(and Crystal commented herself!)