Wednesday, August 01, 2007

in need of an update

Me thinks, i've let myself go! it's been a while since my last post...sorry to the few that actually come and read me. Last wednesday (the 25th) the girls (Sabee, MissKarine, JosieSensi) came over for a crop. I finished my little album in souvenir of my trip to NB with the boys. On friday i got the good visit from my high school friend Christina, she was driving through on her way to Ottawa, and i got to meet her beau Chris. He's seems like a real sweetie. Saturday Emilie went back home after a month long visit, it went by a lot faster than i thought. So Dave took Charlie with him and drove her to Drummondville where they met up with her mom. During which time i took Brady to the movies to go see Ratatouille. I think he needed this special time with me alone because he spent all of July having to fight for attention because there was one more kid than usual. He's slowly gotten a little better this week, he's listening a bit more. But he still pushes my buttons so bad! i swear i think he does it on purpose!!! On the scrapbooking side i've finished up my NB souvenir album (i entered it in a contest, they were supposed to annouce the winner yesterday but it hasn't been posted yet so who knows!?) then i did a layout for a DT submission, which i'm hoping i'll get but they'll be abboucing that one on Aug 15th so i can't show you my LO until then, and lastly i did a layout for a sscraplift challenge on SC, i think it turned out great! Once the challenge is finished (i think mid-Aug) i'll post my LO. I don't know if i can post it before. i'll be back tonight to post the pics of my mini-book.


JoSie SenSi said...

Ouin! Ça en fait des choses que tu peux pas montrer ça !! :)
J'ai bien hâte de voir !!

Daniele said...

Je bis Josie....j'ai bien hâte de voir ces belle pages moi!