Sunday, April 01, 2007

misc news

ok so it's been a week already since the last time i posted anything. I started getting sick again last week-end so this week i went back to the doctors and my sinus infection was back so i'm on another round of antibiotics. On friday we went to the movies with some friends. We went to see
300. It was good, lots of blood though, but i like that kind of movie. Not the horror kind, the action/battle kind. And i mean the whole movie was a bunch of men with 12-pack abs and muscular bodies wearing only leather underwear and a cape so it wasn't a brain buster or anything like that. Yesterday we had our first ice cream at DQ....yeah! that means summer's almost here!
This morning Dave left to go to Edmonton, he should be back on wednesday. Next week he's going to Vancouver. Tomorrow i plan on getting a little bit of scrapbooking done....i hope. Speaking of scrapbooking, last monday i went over to Josee's house for a mommy-scrap session with her and Melane. It was so much fun, we all scrapped an easter page and had a wonderful lunch; ceasar salad, garlic cheese bread, lasagna and mixed berry pie with ice cream for dessert....hello the calories!!! but that's ok, it's not like we eat like this everyday! Thanks again Josee for the wonderful day....sorry i'm so late writing about this. here's the layout i did on monday and a few pictures i took during the week.

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