Saturday, April 28, 2007

long time...

oh i know, it's been a while. This will be a short ranting session because it's 1h30am and i'm up! Don't ask...Brady woke up at 12h30 and wanted some water and i couldn't fall back asleep (coughing and a song that is stuck in my head are keeping me awake) I finally finished my antibiotics only to start another cold (hopefully not a sinusitis) On a side note, last week i noticed that Charlie's lower gum has a little line (cut) on the bottom, which means a tooth should be piercing through soon! My Stampin'Up demo is on sunday and i can't wait to see everybody, we will be 9 including me. hopefully i'll get good sales 'cause there are a few things i want!!!

Ok back to bed i go...and try sleep before the kids wake up (Dave is in Qc visiting Emilie)

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