Thursday, January 04, 2007

still pregnant

To all thoses who said, "you know a second baby is usually early" well i don't think so. I've got 2 days before my due date and nothing's happening yet. If i'm early it'll be like a day or so.

Yesterday i went to my friend Josee's house for a little crop session. Here are two pages i finished.
The first one: Mystery Baby... i had started the day before but i needed to borrow one of her stamps to finish it.

The second one: Garden of eden, i started at her house and finished it this morning. Both of theses are done with the Rouge de Garance papers. I inspired myself from Daniele (another scrapbooker) one of her last LO, she used RdeG paper and did 1 page-1 paper. So i took that idea from her. It's very minimalist, but i really like the way both pages turned out.

While i was there she took some pictures of me with her new Canon Rebel XTi (i'm soooo jealous!) Here are a few of the pictures:

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JoSie SenSi said...

Tes pages sont belles au bout et tu as bien travaillé les photos ! Que té une belle maman!! Mais ça achève... :S