Saturday, June 21, 2014

rainbow "merci" card

So i'm really loving using the watercolor technique on cards.  3 weeks ago i went away for a week-end with a friend of mine.  My husband's friend was really gracious in lending us his cottage for the week-end .  it's a really cute little cottage by a lake.  we made fires at night and roasted marshmallows, saw some deer, went to Mont Tremblant for an afternoon (it's about 40 min away) and got bit by ALOT of mosquitoes! 

We also did a lot of sketching, brush work for words and brainstorming that week-end.  This is the Thank You card i made to thank him, we left it on the counter along with 2 bottles of wine.  I loved making this card so much that i made 2 more for the kids teachers this week, i stuck in a gift card on the inside along with a nice message of course. (i find it so hard to think of teachers gift for year end, they get so much!)

This card is SO simple to make.  it is a bit long though because of the drying time for the masking liquid and then again for the watercolor but i just do stuff (like prepare supper) in between.  Simply stamp your sentiment, paint it carefully with masking liquid - wait for it to dry, do your watercolor - wait for it to dry, glue some sequins and your done!  see: easy peasy :)

watercolor paper, gelatos, Lawn Fawn (Quinn's ABC), masking liquid, sequins

thanks for stopping by!

ps: apparently he thought the cards was store bought!  that makes me feel quite good :)

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