Saturday, January 11, 2014

Project Life

so last year i decided to do project life and bought and album and a pack of 50 page protectors and 2 digi project life kits, do you think i actually started?!  NO! of course not! why?! cause i'm a professional procrastinator!  I wasn't putting too much pressure on myself, i never planned on doing a spread per week, i wanted to do it to remember special weeks, vacations or events.  Last January i actually did my first spread of Charlie's birthday, i don't really like it it's too simple...i might tweek it some.  Then during March break i went to visit my friend Mel B in Ottawa and drooled over all her fantastic project life spreads, when i came back home i created one for myself and i LOVE it!  Mel is always such an inspiration to me.  I wished you lived closer!!! my layouts would be so much better with your artistic mojo around me ;)
So  i thought i'd share what i've done so far.

 march 6-7
 march 10-17
our 10th wedding anniversary trip to Maui

my mom's wedding

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Chantal said...

Very nice! Maybe you should do one about the birth of your niece ;)