Wednesday, February 20, 2013

charlie's 6th bday - part 2

oops!  i totally forgot to get these pics uploaded!  i promised you i'd come back and post them so here we go.

As i mentioned on the first post (a month ago) this year's birthday theme was "winter". cut up a whole bunch of snowflakes (like when i was back in elementary school!) and hung them from the ceiling over the sweets table

he wanted an "igloo" cake.  i ran out of fondant to cover the whole cake (which was what i wanted to do at first) but i had a whole bunch of white chocolate so changed up the look of the igloo and made white modeling chocolate for ice blocks

i found a great youtube video on how to make a fondant penguin.  i also added a puffle in there. the penguin is made of brown modeling chocolate tinted black and the puffle is made of a little leftover fondant that i colored pink (that's what Charlie wanted, a pink one!)

store bought "snowball" donuts (man these are good!)

then i made pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with blue sugar. 
(i love the sweet and salty taste of these!)

Marshmallow pops! my first time making these, but not the last...oh so good! 

and to wash everything down...
bottles of "melted snowman" I made these labels using a digi xmas kit i had, i also put each kid's name on his bottle

I had also left my Xmas tree up, i'd taken the decorations down the week before but  decided that a winter themed birthday would not be complete without a snow covered tree so i re-decorated it using only white snowflakes and other white ornements.  i completely forgot to take a decent picture of said tree, i was able to crop this out of another photo but unfortunately it's not in focus but you get the idea of what it looked like.

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Juliana said...

This is such a cute party theme!
I love your Igloo puffle and all!!!