Sunday, September 23, 2012

Painting with the kids

Today I decided to take out some canvases (cause I have a lot) and get the kids to paint with me. Charlie is my more creative child but Brady willingly participated. Charlie painted a minecraft pumpkin that was shot and Brady also painted a scene out of minecraft with a creeper.

I also started a canvas, I think I have a good base going not too sure what I'm gonna do to finish it all up. If you're wondering what the red all over is well I had a candle burning and I thought there was too much wax, so I took a spoon and pour all over -it smells wonderful! It was an apple candle from Bath & Body Works.

This is my first post using the blogger app for iPhone so if things look wonky I apologize.
Until next time


Lulu said...

Hey you! Thanks for the comment on my blog :) :)

My camera is a Sony HDR-PJ200... So far it does the trick! I only use the basics functions :)

Claude said...

Anything Sean draws these days is Minecraft related... Sigh!