Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How Many Calories Do I Need? Week #4 Challenge

I am loving Cassey Ho! if you don't know her check out her videos on YouTube. this is this week's challenge, which i thought i'd share with you how to calculate how many calories you need a day. Then after you watch this one, check out her POP pilates videos, they are awesome. I'm just starting a regular exercise routine trying to get in shape for this summer and well...forever. Again this year my new year's resolution is get healthy, get in shape and take better care of myself. I didn't do it last year (shame on me!) i find it hard to find the motivation and the will power to actually do it! In my head i can see myself with 30 lbs less, but let's face it; it won't happen by magic! i have to do the work. I started to eat better 3 weeks ago and i haven't found it incredibly tough so far so maybe my mind is ready to do it, let's hope so... :) i'll keep you guys in the loop of how i'm doing (maybe once a week of something, i'll see...)

have a great day! i'm off to do a POP pilates routine

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Claude said...

I,m going to check this out tomorrow. I need to find will power somewhere...