Monday, July 18, 2011

it's been a while...

somehow it seems that most of my posts lately start with this line....but it's true everytime; it's been a while.

Our house is finally finished, all the little things that were left to do by the contractor are done.  Of course that doesn't mean we're completely settled in.  We moved back first week of June and on june 29th i left for San Francisco with hubby for some work meetings, but i got to tag along which is always nice.  My mom came down to babysit the kids while we were away.  2 days after coming back we drove up to Amos, in the north of Quebec, to bury my dad.  He's finally in his resting place.  My sister cam down from Sk for the burial too, it was nice to see her.  She also had some awesome news to share with us.... she just got engaged!!!!! Congrats sis! Now can i call Brock my brother-in-law???
So with everything that was going on i still have some boxes to unpack, but i must say that it's coming along very well.  I'm really hoping to have everything done by the end of the month, then again we're already the 18th YIKES!!!

Scrappy news!  PWCO is having the next release on July 23rd and i'll be taking part in it.  yes, i still work with PWCO but i'm behind the scenes since i create the sketches and Steph takes care of all the postings.  It's better for me this way right now anyways.  i can't wait to get crafty again! 

Come back and visit on July 23rd for the Blog Hop release.  We have a special challenge to go with this release, wait till you see!

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