Sunday, April 17, 2011

charlie is famous! and another sketch

last summer I received free t-shirts for charlie in exchange for some photos for Eleise's store website.  Charlie was the model and what a cute model he made, a few months ago i received an email from Eleise to tell me that she finally used Charlie's photos on her new website.  so i quickly checked it out, he's on the homepage and in another place.  You can see him here and here (scroll down to the Mix Tape collection)

in my opinion he's the cutest!!! but I'm not impartial...

ok so i'm really sorry i haven't posted in a while - been really busy with with packing and moving to the hotel.  The lease on the rental house finished last sunday and our house isn't ready yet so we're back at the hotel.  Hopefully we'll be back home by May 1st. 

Here is this week's sketch for Paperworks Co.
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Nathalie (tchoubi) said...

Oh, trop cute Charlie :)