Tuesday, December 07, 2010

when it rains it pours i guess...

so i guess most of you have read my last post about our house fire, as promised here are some pictures.  no news on the insurance yet, no work has begun and it's been almost a month and a half... hopefully it will all get done before the lease on the house we rented is up.  

there was a lot of smoke damage through out the whole house, here is an air exchange vent in the kids' room

my papers! my poor papers!  i wonder if the cleaners will be able to salvage some of the papers...

it doesn't look THAT dirty, until you move the piggy.  YIKES! 

now for the not so fun pictures.  these are all from the basement where the fire actually occurred. 

this is the ceiling.


my whole stash of Partylite candles! i used to sell them so i had quite a bit of them! 

look on the bright side, i'm gonna get a "new" clean house when all this is done!

i do have a few good news to announce so i'll do that in another post since it's almost 2am and my laptop battery is about to die. !

good night!


Alice Wertz said...

hope the insurance problem will be resolved and things get back to normal for you all soon. big hugs, Bella!

Carisa said...

omg, thank goodness you guys weren't home but i'm so sad for you about your dog. :( you have an amazing attitude about it all! i'm looking forward to getting to know you better thru PWCO.