Friday, July 16, 2010


hi everyone,
sorry i haven't been around much.  DH has been on vacation for the past two weeks and wants to do a bunch of activities with the kids.  it's been fun but there are a few updates i've forgotten to do.
The first is the announcement for a PWCO blog hop tomorrow; don't miss it Peggy is releasing brand new stamps from Rachelle Anne Miller and of course they are super duper cute!

second; Dave and team Conmed did really good during the "ride against cancer" last week-end.  
there was 5 guys and 2 girls in the team, the girls decided to stick together since the guys ride faster than they do, but both groups did extreamly well.  the guys finished within the top 150 people and the girls were about 50 min behind them. 


I am really proud of my husband for doing this.  

see you tomorrow for the hop!

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