Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mixer #19

just a quick note to show you this week's mixer! it's much better in person and the backround is actually white and not blue but i didn't have too much time to tweek it. last night in my PS class we did learn some really cool tricks on how to turn a pic B&W using the channel mixer (it gives excellent results). i can`t wait to play around in Ps but it will have to wait until i come back from Punta Cana (we are leaving in 2 dodos!!!) yay! my mom is arriving tonight to spend the week with the kids, bless her. anyways gotta go do some work (i`m at the office...shhhhh) and tonight i still have major paking to do and it`s the 2hr season finale of Grey's Anatomy (not to be missed!)

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Claude said...

I hope you are having fun, you lucky you!!!