Tuesday, October 23, 2007

OK, so this past week was Brady's 3rd birthday. He chose the theme...Cars. He also love's Diego and Curious George so i managed to celebrate with all 3 characters. I had made cupcakes to bring at daycare, on these i put little Diego figurines for the kids.

For at home that night i took the same cupcakes and put a Curious George on Brady's with candles.

Here's a picture of Brady and Charlie the day of his birthday. Brady got a bycicle with training wheels from us (he just loves it!) and a Diego coloring book and "the Jungle book" movie from Granpapi (my dad)

Then on Sunday i had a party with some of his friends and family, he got lots of CARS hotwheels and other CARS stuff, we had a really good time and Brady really enjoyed himself. Of course the cake was Lightning McQueen, Brady had chosen the cake mold a few months back (this was the first time i was using a character mold) so i baked the cake on friday, iced it on saturday (took me almost 3 hrs)and we ate it on sunday afternoon. I'm really happy with the way it turned out, but i'm not sure i'd do the "star" icing technique again, it was really long!

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