Friday, September 14, 2007

routine, routine

everything is routine. it seems like i haven't been doing much lately other than surf the web, alot, probably too much! I have been scrapping too! i just can't post my pages yet because i made them for specific magazine calls and have to wait for the submission deadline to pass. I'm hoping something gets picked up, i've submitted 11 different pages.

a few weeks ago, my dad had a small surgical procedure to remove some tumors that were found in his bladder, we're still waiting for the results of the biopsy. My father-in-law is doing much better i went to visit him on wednesday. He started his physio therapy and Ergotherapy, he's learning to re-use and strenghten his arm and leg. He should be transfered to a rehab hospital this week.

My kids are amazing! Brady was so good at the hospital when we went to visit his Papi. And he's so sweet, he gives me the biggest kisses and hugs, it's great! He's talking more and more now and the things that come out of his mouth just make me laugh!
Charlie is gonna be an intellectual (well we had already determined that earlier on) but now he started doing this comptine they do at daycare (pik, pik pik tap, tap, tap, roule, roule, roule, cache, cache, cache COUCOU !) well he actually started doing the pik, pik motion in his hand and he's trying hard like hell to tap his hands and I swear when he was doing it yesterday i heard him say "Tah Tah" while trying to tap his hands. (i just don't remember Brady doing this at his age, but on the other hand Brady was doing other things that Charlie doesn't do yet) He's repeating a lot of sounds that we make like "Hi" and he says "maman" sometimes "papa" and he also likes to repeat movements and actions. For example when he's in his high chair he'll tap the table top, so i imitate him and do the same, so he taps again and i always imitate his exact action. He thinks it's so funny and he loves it!

Also he started eating solids, a while ago actually. oh and when i say solids i'm talking about adult food and not puree. about 4 weeks ago i started giving him toast, then slowly gave him soft veggies, then last week i gave him spaghetti. OMG!!! he LOVED it! He seems to prefer pieces of food than pureed food (do you blame him?!) Check him out!

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C'est tellement mignon pis ca l'air bonnnnnnnnnnn!!!