Wednesday, June 20, 2007

update on the accident

Well i finally got a call from the insurance company regarding the damage on my car and the girl tells me that after having had the car inspected they were declaring it as a TOTAL LOSS!!! you can imagine my surprise... from the outside the damage doesn't look that extensive but i guess the frame got damaged. i'm going to get all of my stuff out of the car later and i'll take pics so you can see. So because of this my husband will drive down on friday or saturday to pic us up. Thank you sweetie!!!

On another note i've created more pages in the last 1 1/2 weeks then i have in the last month or so. the new papers from the Love Elsie collection are great, they've brought me back to jr and high school when i used to doodle a lot. I've made 1.5 layout in the last 90 min, i think that's a record for me!!! Her stuff is really out there and won't be for everybody and i tought i'd have problems working with them but they really inspired me and i'm in a good groove. So far i've done 3.5 layouts and 3 cards while i've been here! Wou! Hou!

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