Wednesday, February 21, 2007


so here's the layout i did with that picture of Charlie. It was the first time i was using an 8 x 12 picture on a layout and i loved it. I'll definetly have to do it again sometimes.

On another note, he's been getting a rash like red bumps all over. At first it looked like baby acne on his face (an i think it was) but then it kinda changed into a bunch of little red bumps and it spread to the back of his neck, then his chest, his back and his arms. Also the skin on his face is very dry and scaly. I hope he doesn't have eczema or anything like that. He's got an appointment with his pediatrician next wednesday, in the meantime the nurse told me i could apply the cortisone cream he had prescribed last time. Hopefully this will go away and won't be a recurring problem, poor kid!

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