Thursday, October 19, 2006

I did this page about myself for a contest on the Scrapbook Centrale website, i really don't think i have a chance of winning 'cause there are some really nice layouts, but at least i participated. I think this is the first time i actually make a LO specifically for something. I usually don't take the time. I love theses papers, they're Rouge the Garance papers, and it's so nice i didn't want to put too many things on the page and take away from the beauty of the paper. So my LO is very simple, I wrote down 6 things about that i know to be true.

1. I'm a TV-aholic

2. I love Starbucks

3. I'm a procrastinator (that explains why i don't get that many pages done)

4. I love to bake

5. I'm unorganized

6. I love my family

On the pregnancy front, i feel good, the bb is moving alot more than before. I was being paranoid about it at first when i thought it wasn't moving very much, then again Brady moved ALOT!!! I feel more pressure in my stomach through out the day than i did with Brady, then again, i've got a 2 year old at home that likes to be picked up and likes to play rough. I think it's just more fatigue than the first time around, my doctor didn't seem worried yesterday at my appointement. My next appt is in a month, after that it'll be every 2 wks. Boy time flies, before you know it i'll be off work (i can't wait!) and it'll be X-mas, New Years then the arrival of the new baby.

I can't beleive i've got nothing done yet, the room isn't primed (i want to wait after it's born to paint with color, depending on the sexe the decor will be different) and at 35 wks i want to mold my belly like i did with Brady (that makes a really nice souvenir) here's a picture of it.

I painted it to resemble leather, and it's in the colors of his room. I find this is one of the best things i did as a souvenir of my first pregnancy. Love it!

Anyways, it's late and i should really get to bed. Tomorrow i'm going to a crop with my friend Michelle so i'l be going to bed late and on sat morning we've got Brady's 1st swim class at 8am. So it'll be up early. I think i'll take a nap at the same time as him...

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Anonymous said...

Génial ta page, elle est très belle et que dire de cette belle bedaine de platre !! WOW !!