Sunday, April 30, 2006

so unfortunate

Well, i went for the interview and the guy called me the next day to tell me i didn't get the job. I was so hopeful 'cause the interview went so well. He told me he really enjoyed our interview and the he really liked me but went with someone else for the job. BUT if anything else opened up he would definetly think of me. How nice...

Now I'm waiting for a call from one of the agencies i'm with about a job i applied on. hopefully i'll get an interview.

On the upside, i've had time to paint the office and takeover half of it to make myself a scrapbook space... That's really great. Once it's s completly done i'll post some pictures.

gotta go do some cleaning.

1 comment:

Josée said...

Haaaa.. too bad you didn't get the job !
Mais surement que c'était pas pour toi...
Y'en aura d'autres, bonne chance !